Keep Your Entire Home Cleaner, With This New Anti-Slip Dirt Absorbing Floor Mat

Perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom or any room in the house!

You can use it in the bathroom, kitchen and any other room in your house. This mat works on all floor surfaces, including tiles, lino or hardwood floors. You can even use it outside – perfect for keeping your patio area clean and tidy!

This is a handy device that you can take with you to work too – it’s great for both commercial and domestic environments.

Keep your floors cleaner and safer than ever

With our Anti-Slip Absorption Mats, you can prevent slipping and reduce the risk of falling on your floors. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your floors cleaner for longer!

They absorb dirt, water, dust, mud, and more from the bottom of shoes and paws.

It’s easy to clean: just rinse or wash with soap. It’s also machine-washable (recommend cool or warm cycles and a low-temperature dryer). After washing it over 15 times, we haven’t observed any shrinkage or color change.

This mat is made of microfiber chenille material that can hold up to four times its weight in water.

Helps prevent slips and falls

There’s nothing more dangerous than a slippery floor. The National Safety Council reports that falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths at home, and you don’t want to be another statistic!

That’s where our Dirt-Trapping Mat comes in. It features unique dirt-trapping fibers, which capture moisture and particles from shoes so they never make their way into your home; giving you one less thing to worry about while keeping your floors cleaner. And because it slips will be a thing of the past, it’ll help keep your family safe as well.

Works to effectively absorb dirt, dust, mud, and water

This is no ordinary doormat. This ingenious mat is made of a special fabric that traps dirt, dust, mud, and moisture within its fibers and allows it to be washed away later with just the use of warm water.

You can keep your floors spotless without having to sweep or mop every day: simply shake out the mats or rinse with a hose, and any dirt you’ve tracked in will be gone.

Can help ensure that your home stays cleaner longer

This anti-slip floor mat does not just get rid of dirt but prevents it from getting in your home in the first place. Whether you are walking around outside or running errands, dirt will naturally make its way onto your shoes. When this happens, the more time you spend outside and on your feet, the more dirt ends up on your shoes. But when you place this floor mat at the entrance to your home, it acts as a barrier that traps any dirt that makes its way off of your shoes and onto the floor. With this kind of protection, you can feel confident walking around inside without even worrying about tracking any harmful germs or debris into your house

This is a great feature for anyone who doesn’t have time to clean their floors every day. Even if there is a lot of traffic in and out of your home every day, there will be less mess to clean up thanks to this mat’s ability to trap dirt at the door. Allowing people to wipe their feet before coming inside also helps reduce slipping hazards by reducing puddles of tracked-in rainwater or snow by the entranceway after taking off wet boots or galoshes.

Easy to clean and maintain

The AquaShield mat is easy to clean and maintain. It can be vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth. It can also be machine washed and will dry quickly, so you can easily keep it in good condition for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, the mat is versatile – it can be used indoors and outdoors to keep your house or office flooring clean from dust and dirt carried in from footwear throughout the day. You could even use the mat outside at your front door to prevent dust, mud, and water from being tracked into your home by visitors!

The AquaShield mat is affordable and easy to install – it’s simply a matter of cutting the material to size if necessary. If you’d like more information on how you can use this handy product, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We offer free shipping Australia-wide as well as a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our product.

Get a dirt-absorbing mat today.

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