5 Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Impact Wrench


When you are buying a cordless impact wrench, there are several things to consider. One of the most important is power. Power is measured in volts (V) and the higher the voltage, the more powerful it is. A minimum of 18V should be considered for cordless impact wrenches, with 20V being ideal for most situations.

Some models come with two batteries that work interchangeably between tools and some even have three batteries! The lithium-ion battery is currently the most commonly used battery type and many tools now offer brushless motors which provide high power in a small package. Batteries can account for up to 40% of the price of a tool so make sure you understand how many batteries come with your purchase and what type they are before you buy!

Size and Weight

When you’re considering which cordless impact wrench to buy, it’s important to consider its weight and size. For most models, the tool is compact and lightweight, making it easy to hold and carry around the garage or job site. The size of the tool can determine the type of work that it can handle, so if you plan on using the tool for large jobs, definitely choose one that has a longer anvil. The size of your hand can also play a part in determining which model is best for you; if your hands are small, then choose one with a smaller grip size.


When looking for a cordless impact wrench, you’ll come across a number of specifications. One of them is speed, which is measured in rotations per minute (RPM).

Knowing the speed of the device is important because it helps you determine its power and torque. Those are crucial factors to consider, as they determine how much work you can expect from your cordless impact wrench.

However, let’s be clear: speed isn’t the most significant factor to consider when buying a cordless impact wrench. For one thing, it’s more important for driving screws than drive nuts. It’s also not much of a factor when it comes to cordless impact drivers—the two devices are not interchangeable.


Torque is the most important factor, even more important than power. Power is the rotational speed of the motor, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Torque is the amount of rotational force applied to a fastener, measured in foot pounds (ft-lbs).

But what does torque do?

The force of impact that a cordless impact wrench produces is determined by its torque multiplied by its speed. Increasing torque causes deeper sockets to be driven into fasteners quicker and with less effort from you. The higher the amount of torque a wrench produces, the more it can handle heavier jobs.

If you are doing light work such as repairing your car or changing your tires and lug nuts at home, then power will suffice. But if you need to do heavy work such as removing truck wheels, then having extra torque will be helpful.

Battery Compatibility

When looking for an impact wrench, you’ll want to take battery compatibility into account.

Generally, only one brand of tools will work with each other brand’s batteries. For example, Milwaukee tools do not work with DeWalt batteries and vice versa. Some brands may have different lines that use a different battery system than the rest of their line-up. Hitachi is one such brand: their WH10DFL2 does not use the same battery as the rest of their line-up (such as the WR18DBDL2) but rather uses a Panasonic battery (EY7550LN2S). Your best bet is to pick a brand and stick with it so that all your tools will run off the same batteries.

No longer only for professional use, cordless impact wrenches are an essential tool for DIYers and home enthusiasts.

It’s exciting that a cordless impact wrench is helping to make the world of DIYing, home improvement projects, and repairs more accessible and affordable. These tools are also great for professional use, so check out the best options for professionals as well.

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