Which Dog Harness and Leash Set Is Right For You? 5 Factors To Consider

1. The size of your dog

  • The size of your dog.
  • For small dogs, you want something that they can fit comfortably into without feeling overly constricted. It should be adjustable, with different velcro straps that can be easily fastened. Look for a harness and leash combination made from soft mesh material—it’ll be comfortable for your pup to wear, and will protect its skin from chafing or irritation as it makes its way through the world. Be sure to check that your harness has a D-ring so you can secure it around the collar if you lose control in a high-traffic area.
  • For medium dogs, look for something with a little more heft than what was previously mentioned. Woven nylon is durable enough to handle daily use but still delicate enough to not irritate your pet’s skin as it wears the harness throughout the day. Make sure you find one with looped handles on either side of its belly; this allows you to easily restrain or guide your pup while they’re wearing the harness.
  • For large dogs, look for something sturdy and durable—something that won’t rip or tear while they pull at their leash during daily walks or trips to the park! Try investing in a thick rope leash; this will prevent injury if and when they do decide to jerk at it suddenly (and trust us: they will). Also, make sure there are multiple clips or handles on each side of their belly so that one person can take them out alone without getting dragged around by an unstoppable force!

2. The activity level of your dog

The type of harness and leash that is right for you depends on your dog. If you plan to take your dog running with you, then a harness designed specifically for running would be your best choice. If, however, you only want to take him on daily walks, then a walking harness would work best for your pup.

3. How well you train your dog

This factor may seem more obvious than others but bear with us. Where your dog falls on the training scale will largely dictate what leash and harness setup you opt for. If your dog is properly trained, they are already loose-leash trained and can walk a few steps without pulling or zig-zagging too much. This way you have more freedom to choose a simple, easy-to-use set to take them on their strolls.

On the other hand, if your dog isn’t as well trained, you may need some extra help from your trusty leash: because if they aren’t used to walking in a straight line for any amount of time, then it could be tough for you to keep up! If this sounds like you and your pup, then consider opting for something like a no-pull harness instead of just a basic leash. There are also shorter leashes available if keeping control over where they go and how fast is important to you when walking them through busy areas like parks or downtown streets.

4. The climate you live in

The climate you live in should also be considered when choosing a harness and leash set. When it comes to temperature, you’ll want to assess how warm your dog would be if it rained or snowed, so opt for a harness with thermal insulation and waterproof materials. For dogs that have short fur such as a pitbull, choose a harness with fleece lining for the winter months.

5. Your budget and style preferences

You want to make sure you can find the best dog harness for your pup, and that might mean doing some digging. In fact, shopping for the right dog harness should be an experience in itself. Make it a point to go to a local pet shop or other specialty stores to see what kind of harnesses they have. You’ll want to look at different styles, colors, and materials so you can get a feel for what type of harness will work best for your dog—and how much it will cost. The price range is quite broad; some cheap dog harnesses are available on Amazon for less than $10 whereas others are made out of leather and can cost more than $60 (or even hundreds). If you’re looking into buying one from an independent retailer or designer, call ahead first because these high-end luxury harnesses tend not to be displayed in stores due to their price tag!

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