The Best Magnetic Micro USB Fast Charging Cable

The Most Powerful Fast Charging Technology

The most advanced technology:

It comes in two versions, one for Apple and the other for Android. The one we’re reviewing today is the Android version. However, both would be equally powerful for their respective devices.

Power Delivery can charge your USB Type-C smartphone from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes. That means it’s up to 50 percent faster than conventional charging and up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

Additionally, it has a super-fast way of transferring files. At 8 Gbps, it’s 4x faster than standard cables and 2x faster than other cables you may have used previously (like the iPhone 5 cable). It can also be used for charging and data transfer simultaneously; making it ideal if you need something more powerful than Bluetooth but don’t want wires running all over your desk or floor as they do with older versions of wireless adapters/chargers that work only with Apple devices at slower speeds (such as AirDrop).

The cable is built with a chrome-plated magnetic connector and will easily snap onto the Micro USB port of your device.

Built with a chrome-plated magnetic connector, the magnet will easily snap onto your device’s Micro USB port. The magnet is strong enough that your cable will not fall out while charging or syncing. It even works when you plug in your phone upside down! While this cable may be an excellent accessory for any Android phone or tablet, it will not work with iOS devices.

For example, iPhone charging cable is MFi certified.

The Micro-USB is not the only type of connector that works with Apple products, but it is one of the most common and one you will find in MFi-certified cables. You should never use a cable that is not certified for your Apple product. Doing so can cause damage to the device or even create safety hazards. Not only does MFi certification ensure that a cable will work properly, but it also increases compatibility with other devices and accessories.

What does this mean for you? Because Apple has strict standards for its certification program, you can be sure that any MFi-certified cable you purchase will work as expected with your Apple device. Also, an MFi-certified iOS charging cable means that it’s likely compatible with other products including wall chargers, car chargers, and speaker docks that have been approved by Apple’s licensing program.

Magnetic Cable can perfectly solve the problem of low power consumption at any time.

Magnetic Cable can perfectly solve the problem of low power consumption at any time. No need to worry about whether it will be low power when you are in a critical moment. The magnetic charging cable supports fast charging at full speed and transfers data at a high speed of 480Mbps, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 cables (480Mbps versus 48Mbps). So you don’t have to worry about wasting too much time waiting for your phone to charge or transfer data.

It adopts multi-protection technology and it will never burn your phone under any circumstances.

This cable features a built-in intelligent chip that is able to monitor the circuit, identify errors and repair them. In addition, it has several security subsystems: over current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, overpower protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and more. The cable is also equipped with EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering which reduces the likelihood of your phone experiencing harmful electromagnetic interference on top of all that other stuff. The auto-recovery function will reset the system once an overload is no longer present.

High-quality cable with powerful magnetic protection to ensure a longer life and charge faster in a short time!

The cable is built with a chrome-plated magnetic connector and will easily snap onto the micro USB port of your device. The magnet is strong enough to hold your phone in place but won’t cause any damage when it disconnects from your phone.

Specifically designed for the most commonly used devices, this cable will work for all phones, tablets, cameras, and other portable devices that use a Micro USB port for charging via USB. It also works with Micro USB accessories such as power banks and Bluetooth headphones that use a Micro USB connection.

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