7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Dog’s Bed

Old Beds May Be Uncomfortable

  • If your dog’s bed is too small for them, it may be time for an upgrade. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that when your dog lies down on its old bed, it should be able to comfortably rest its head on the edge of the bed. If they can’t do this, they may need a larger bed.
  • Comfortable beds are essential in helping your pets rest peacefully throughout the night. To check if your pet’s old bed is comfortable, try out the mattress yourself – if you’re uncomfortable sleeping on it, then so is your dog!
  • Dirty and unhygienic beds pose a threat to you and your dog’s health by acting as a breeding ground for bacteria and pests such as fleas. To check whether or not it is time to replace their old bed, remove all covers from the bed and inspect it closely – if you spot any stains or odors that won’t wash away with detergent then it might be time for an upgrade.

Newer Beds Can Prevent Allergies

  • Covers are easy to clean. Most of the new bed covers are made with a fabric that is easily washable and suitable for machine washing. It is easier for you to keep your pet’s bed free from allergens, dander, and dirt when you have an easy-to-clean cover.
  • Size matters. You want to make sure that the bed your purchase is large enough for your dog so they can stretch out comfortably in it. If it’s not large enough, your dog might not use it at all, or get on/off repeatedly throughout the night as they adjust themselves to find a more comfortable position.
  • Comfort counts. It may take some time for your dog to familiarize themselves with their new digs, but over time they will become accustomed to their new bed. Once he has been using his canine cot regularly (without getting off and on) and seems happy with his new sleeping spot, you can assume that you have chosen a cushion that he finds comfortable.

Improved Sleep Quality

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie.” This popular saying has been around for decades and is used as a warning to not disturb your dog while he’s resting. While this statement has some truth to it, few people realize what’s really going on when their furry friends are snoozing away. In fact, the effects of interrupted sleep can have far-reaching effects on both you and your dog.

The key to understanding why good quality sleep is so important for pets comes down to something called the circadian rhythm. All living things (including humans) have an internal 24-hour clock that governs functions like hormone levels, body temperature, and other biological processes that affect your health over time. When these systems aren’t functioning properly due to lack of sleep or other factors such as light exposure, they can cause problems like weight gain and make it harder for you or your pet to stay awake during important times throughout the day when energy should be high (i.e., work hours).

Dry and Clean Bedding

  • A bed with a microfiber, waterproof, and breathable cover
  • Removable cushion for easy washing
  • Spot clean only, air dry

When choosing a bed for your pet you should make sure that it is easy to clean. If it’s in an area that is exposed to the elements, a water-resistant cover may be necessary. To save on cleaning products and detergents always choose organic materials.

A Happier, Healthier Dog

Here’s how a better dog bed will help you and your best friend:

  • It will help you reconnect with your dog.
  • It will help you spend more time with your dog.
  • It will improve your dog’s quality of life a lot. And not just in the short term, but over their entire lifetime.
  • It will improve your dog’s mood, health, and sleep.
  • It will do this because it improves their comfort, which means they can go about living their best lives without annoyance or pain getting in the way of them (and you) enjoying it to its fullest extent.
  • That said, it might also improve their behavior!

Style & Home Decor Benefits

If you care about the look of your home, you shouldn’t forget about your dog’s bed. While it may not seem like a big deal or something that even needs to be on your radar, if you’re investing in furniture and other home decor items to tie your room together, your dog’s bed should be included in this process. Your dog is part of the family, and their bed is an extension of that. Even if no one will be sleeping on it (well maybe they will), it will still play an important role in how your space looks and feels. If you’re having friends over for dinner or hosting a party at your house, they’ll notice when you’ve upgraded to a stylish modern pet bed that fits into the rest of your home decor scheme with ease.

Added Support for Pups with Physical Problems

If your dog has physical problems, such as those listed above, he or she will benefit from a supportive bed. There are several types of beds that can help to support your pup’s body and ease discomfort. A heated bed may also be beneficial for certain conditions. Make sure you check with your veterinarian before purchasing any type of special bed for your dog.

You and your dog will sleep better together!

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